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Andrej Sali


Brownian dynamics models of insulin vesicle trajectories, integrative models of insulin vesicles and SNARE machinery, model of f-actin in β-cell

Kala Bharath Pilla

Valentina Loconte

Huaiqing Cao

Liping Sun

Tanmoy Sanyal

Weimin Li

Arieh Warshel

USC, Dornsife School of Letters, Arts, and Sciences

Modeling of GLP-1R activation

Raphael Alhadeff

Scott Fraser

USC, Bridge Institute

Live cell imaging to monitor metabolic activity of β-cell

Peiyu Wang

Jason Junge

Grant Jensen

California Institute of Technology

High resolution cryo-electron tomograms

Stephen Carter

Alex McDowell

USC, School of Cinematic Arts

VR experience and model of β-cell

World in a cell team

Fei Sha

University of Southern California

Machine Learning

JP Francis

Kate White

USC, Bridge Institute

Data integrations and soft x-ray tomograms of β-cells under different GPCR stimulus conditions

Aneesh Deshmuhk

Wen Lin

Kevin Chang

Ashley Archambeau

Barak Raveh

The Herbrew University of Jerusalem

Whole cell modeling

Reshef Mintz

Carolyn Larabell


Tomograms of intact cryo fixed β-cell for mesoscale modelings

Gerry McDermott

Jian-Hua Chen

Vadim Cherezov

USC, Bridge Institute

Use of XFELS fo investigate structure of insulin in β-cells

Mahta Barekatain

Frank Alber


Modeling the genome

Jitin Singla

Asli Yildirim

Yuhui Li

John Yates

The Scripps Research Institute

Mass spectrocopy for detiled characterization of β-cell proteomics

Tom Gao

Jolene Diedrich

Stacey Finley

USC, Viterbi School of Engineering

Metabolic modeling

Patrick Gelbach

Nicholas A. Graham

USC, Viterbi School of Engineering

Phospho proteomic and metabolic data

DongQing Zheng

Arthur J. Olson

The Scripps Research Institute

Structural modeling using CellPACK

Brett Barbaro

Peter Butler


Metabolomic and RNAseq datasets

Carl Kesselman

University of Southern California

Information Science

Helen Berman


Structural Biology, Database

Brinda Vallet

David Goodsell

The Scripps Research Institute

Molecular representations of crowded celluar environments

Tom Buchanan

USC, Keck School of Medicine

Longitudinal studies on type 2 diabetes, metabolic abnormalities and genetics

Valery Fokin

USC, Bridge Institute

Synthesis of fluerescent probes for imaging

Stephen Michnick

Université de Montréal

Protein-protein interactions and rate constants

Minoo Karimi

Alan Watts

University of Southern California

Function of GLP-1R in brain and pancreas

Chao Zhang

USC, Dornsife School of Letters, Arts, and Sciences

Design of chemical probes targeting β-cells

Senta Georgia


Islet organization in disease

Janielle Cuala

Jitin Singla

IIT, Roorkee

Probablistic modeling of mitochondrial networks

Liping Sun


Metamodeling of beta cells